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Join one of Maureen’s very popular upcoming group training programs and benefit from being part of an on-going learning group.

Maureen Kerr's Social Media Training Students

Maureen Kerr’s Social Media Training Students

Not in Atlantic Canada?  Maureen does training by Skype and go-to meeting.

More interested in working one-on-one with Maureen?  She’ll take you through her training program one-on-one in five two hour meetings.

Register for the upcoming May social media training program by clicking here.

Ask Maureen to speak about social media for networking, promotion, marketing, research, job search, professional development, etc:

  • at your upcoming conference,
  • for a private group,
  • for your company or association’s professional development day.
Are you a CEO, marketing consultant, or HR manager looking for insight into the latest in using social media and just want to meet or talk on an informal basis?  Book Maureen for one-on-one consultations. 2 hour minimum.
Call or email Maureen for a quote today.  Prices range from $250 – $1000 depending on group size and length of presentation.

Ask Maureen to speak about educational technology and her afterschool technology program.  Or cloud computing in the classroom.  Or getting your school wireless.  Or 3D design and printing for elementary students.

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Lastly, Maureen does on-going, out-sourced community (social media) manager services for an affordable price on a monthly retainer starting at $400/month.

Call or email today for a quote.  Click here for contact info.