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Social Media is here to stay… over a billion people use Facebook!  This innovative training program focuses on building your ability to develop your marketing plan and strategies using emerging trends on the internet.

Customized for one-on-one or groups, this training program not only delivers training but a customized social media strategy for your organization.

This training is perfect for professionals in sales and marketing, community managers, small business owners, non-profits, and exporters.

The people who make things tick…  they’re the ones who should be here.  They should understand the importance of it.

Maureen has put over 40 businesses and organizations through this training program and also delivers it one-on-one (usually for business owners who are unable to attend the course).


Heads Up Learning

Workshop 1: Get “Friendly” with Social Media: an Introduction to Social Media and Online Branding

This workshop focuses on bringing participants into the exciting social media space with the purpose of marketing, promoting and branding their business through the many social media networking sites.  It brings participants to the same baseline understanding of social media.

Workshop 2: Make Friends and Influence People with Twitter:  Using Twitter to market and promote

This workshop will help participants harness the power of Twitter for research, marketing branding and networking.  Maureen shows how to expertly use Twitter, how to make lists, and participants leave with a whole new understanding of how to use this extremely valuable marketing tool.

Workshop 3: Beginner Blogging and Beyond: Ways to use blogs for business

This workshop provides a solid understanding of how to set-up and manage a blog.  Participants are asked to bring their laptops to set-up a WordPress blog, learn how to post, embed video, pictures, etc.

Workshop 4: Broadcast From Your Board/Lunch/Living Room: Social Marketing using audio, video and pictures

This workshop introduces participants to social networking sites where you can share content, but with a strategy to market and promote your business, service or product.

Workshop 5: Social Networking for Professionals: LinkedIn

According to Hubspot, 61% of businesses have found that LinkedIn generates more leads than any other social networking site. We will also be learning about “cloud computing” and the the effective ways of collaborating and communicating through the internet.

One-on-One training or Group Instruction

Maureen Kerr

Maureen Kerr

About your Professional Facilitator:

Maureen Kerr is a passionate marketing & social media strategist, on a mission to help businesses and non- profit organizations maximize marketing and social media to share their message. Since 1999 Maureen has used the internet and social media to effectively market her business.