Is this your company?

Although your company is using social media, it seems there could be some improvement in the approach. You aren’t in the position to have someone fully take on the role of social media manager but you know you need to get on the ball with using social media effectively.

One way is to get things going is to get in on Twitter to help with networking, branding, marketing and promoting.

It’s important to have a consistent approach when using Twitter in order to realize the full potential.  I offer a package to be your outsourced “Tweeter” and this is what I deliver:

– build your Twitter network account and get more followers
–  tweet on average three times a day (five days a week)
– build a cache of relevant content to link to: articles, website, pictures.
This costs $400/month.  It’s recommended to give it a try for at least six months to start seeing results which would translate into more engagement, new contacts, people sharing your information and more traffic to your websites.  Similar packages available for Facebook management, LinkedIn and blogging.
Consulting rates begin at $75/hour
Website work $75/hour
Training $100/hour
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