Heads Up Heads On Training

Social media has exploded into our world and from a marketing perspective, it is unprecedented. Never before have there been so many ways to connect to customers, clients and communities. Every second of the day, more and more people are engaging in conversations online and companies that are not paying attention to this glaring trend are missing out.

Making connections, building your brand, getting referrals, creating value, advertising for significantly less – are all attainable through using social media and incorporating this phenomenon into your marketing plan.

What we introduce in the Heads Up, Hands On Program:

  • What social media actually is, and how to make an online presence
  • How local companies are using social media
  • What web-based technologies are
  • How to use social media to research
  • How to build credibility and reputation through the use of social media
  • Network like never before!

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Blogging 101 Workshop

I’ve been putting on workshops, mainly introductory workshops, for groups of people and the feedback I have been getting is “WE WANT MORE”… Many people immediately start asking how to start blogging and are very curious about how to use a blog as their website and so I am offering a workshop next week to answer all of those questions. Continue reading

Tweet Like Nobody’s Business Workshop

Attention: there are 1000+ people on PEI that are networking on Twitter (including all media and many politicians). You should pay attention to this because a good number of these “tweeters” are very good at sharing things. They’re good at connecting people, networking, promoting community, and supporting others.  How can this affect you?

Read further to find out. Continue reading