Training Testimonials

Maureen Kerr brings a wealth of experience to the field of Social Media Networking.  Her professional focus and energy is precisely what I needed  to start me in the right direction.

I would absolutely recommend her training to anyone who wants to get started in the “Social Media World”.

Laura Grinton, Sales & Marketing Manager, Stanley Bridge Country Resort

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Taking Maureen’s course was a great learning experience. We learned vital information, new information, that has helped grow our social media presence immensely. This course taught us how to enhance the business and connect with our community very effectively via social media.

Tara Myers

Human Resources/Administrative and Marketing Director

The Merchantman Pub


Video Testimonial

Heather Robinson, former CBC journalist and media training for the province of PEI:

A few more testimonials…

“Maureen’s social media training for businesses was eye-opening. She helped us to realize the potential of social media for promoting our services and our clients’ projects, and taught us tools and strategies for easily managing the volume of social media communications. I highly recommend her course to businesses wading into the world of social media for the first time!” Continue reading

Social Media Training Program Testimonials

Testimonials from the Heads Up and Hands On Social Media Program
Transcribed verbatim from 8 participants

I’ve been having a great deal of fun with the social media family that we’ve created here with our group. And thanks to Maureen it has been a great opportunity to learn about social media and through it’s different arenas like video, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, Facebook, etc. There’s so much out there. The only thing I regret is not having enough time in my personal life to spend more time on it. I think it gave me a good head start on how to get curious about it, not be scared about it and get excited about it. Thanks Maureen! Continue reading

Social Media Training Testimonials

Maureen Kerr's Social Media Training Students

“Our company needed direction on which of the many forms of social media to pursue.Maureen did an amazing job at recommending and explaining the benefits of LinkedIn; a program up until that day I gave little to no consideration. Maureen was able to show me what potential LinkedIn has for our business and how to start taking advantage of LinkedIn to its full potential.” – Matthew Drover, manager at Top Dog Manufacturing Continue reading