Mega Milestone is Marked: Marriage

by Rachel Peters

by Rachel Peters

I try to use fancy alliteration when I can, as in the title… and sometimes I drop the fact that I went to journalism school for a couple of years. (Actual reality: the athletic director got me in so I could play basketball and after two years, MVP and about 30 extra pounds from copious amounts of beer, I dropped out).

Back to facts and reality.  Dave and I were in Las Vegas and got married a couple of weeks ago.  It was A LOT of fun!!  We are planning on a big ol’ Island gathering to celebrate in the summer when our families can be here.

Here are the two photos we’ve received from Rachel Peters, wedding photographer extraordinaire, so far.  We raced around Nevada in our wedding finery, having an absolute blast with A LOT of giggles.   She liked our style, which was totally fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, which flew in the face of any other wedding she had ever been involved with.  Examples:

Valley of Fire, Nevada  photo by Rachel Adams

photo by Rachel Adams

– after scouring second hand stores and a surreal, pawn-stars-like market, I said “Ummm, Rachel.  I don’t think we’ll be getting married tomorrow.”  And a big roar of laughter from Rachel saying she figured that and it was fine.

– upon learning that the officiant we hired the day before, was in fact an Elvis impersonator, Rachel and I laughed hysterically as we spotted him where we were meeting up.

– my new husband, when asked by the park officer why he was speeding through the Valley of Fire National Park, surreptitiously explained that we had a professional photographer with us and were trying to catch the sunset to which the park officer said “well, it’s going to take you even longer now” and he went back to his truck with the flashing lights.

All in all, it was a fantastic, memorable time, as one’s wedding should be!


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