Celebrating life despite effing cancer

Tonight I missed a celebration of a young man’s life from our community, Callum.  He died this week from a form of pediatric cancer.  I cannot begin to explain the devastation, the pain of losing someone way too early, unless you’ve been through it before.  A life full of potential.  His mom, Nancy, is one of the bravest women I have ever met.  It’s been absolutely tragic.

I spent time with my 12 year old friend, Meg, tonight instead of going to Callum’s memorial.   It was a rare opportunity and I chose to jump at.  Meg’s mom was my very close friend.  She died 7 years ago this month of breast cancer and it’s taken me a long time to get over her loss.    Susan was the age that my birth mother was when she also died of breast cancer. sadly.  They are both my angels. Both, I feel, were angels when I knew them… beautiful souls.  So is Meg.

Meg and I went shopping, got her ears pierced, saw a movie and bought gorgeous things at Value Village.  Some serious “girl time” was in order.  I have two boys and spending time with a pre-teen, beautiful young lady is FUN!  We have dinner almost every week but it’s always with a big gang of people so, alone time is precious!

I stopped and talked to talk our friend Josh when I was picking up Meg.  His big smile and bald head both shone as he waited for his mom.  Josh and my son have been friends since grade one and they are in grade 8 now.  He was diagnosed with brain cancer this past September but is doing well.   Again… I can’t explain how extremely painful has been watching Josh and his family go through his cancer diagnosis and treatment.

So, despite effing cancer around me since I’ve been living on PEI, I’m still celebrating life and trying to live it to it’s fullest. Despite effing cancer being rampant.

12 Ways I Avoid Effing Cancer:

1. I eat very little meat.  I’d rather have a veggie burger, as an example (the Big Orange Lunch Box in Charlottetown has an awesome veggie burger in case you’re wondering).

2. I filter my water.

3. I try to avoid sugar and have stevia, a natural sweetener, in my coffee.

4. I try to meditate.  Not as much as I’d like to, but I do.

5. I love yoga and try to practice on a regular basis.

6. I do what I love, work-wise.

7. I have healthy relationships with family and friends.

8. I take vitamin d because I don’t get enough sun in the winter.

9. I take a lot of vitamins and supplements.

10. I keep my hormones in check and pay attention to my health.

11. I take Omega 3 fish oil every day.

12. I try and avoid harsh cleaning detergents and chemicals.

Now, despite a fairly healthy lifestyle and clean living (I was called square by my intoxicated friend the other night), I could be struck down by effing cancer tomorrow so I don’t do all of the above things to try to extend my life. It’s more so to feel good now… which I do the majority of the time, with the exception of a chronically sore lower back from being a computer geek for too long 🙂

But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t believe that the risk of getting effing cancer is high on PEI.  It scares me to death and I wish it would change.





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