Day 7: 7 Reasons I started The Techmobeel

1. I went to Indonesia and saw the technology that my brother was using in his grade 3 classroom, and I was blown away.

2. My friend back on PEI told me that her son went to the computer lab twice in grade five.

3. I found out there was an entire technology integration curriculum by the department of education that I didn’t feel was being adequately delivered after I went throughout the outcomes with my son and he knew less than 25% by the end of the school year.

4. Upon further research, I discovered that there was infinite free resources online for delivering education.

5. Dealing with the department of education and eastern school board was incredibly frustrating and disheartening, how incapable they were/are of giving straight answers.

6. I was inspired by teachers and principals that I spoke with who were excited about the use of educational technology, as well by the work being done within the school system by Peter Rukavina.

7. After developing and running two afterschool technology programs, I decided to get my own computers because of how unreliable the computers and internet were in a lab at a school that was brand new, in an affluent community.

So, I crowdfunded enough money to buy 12 laptops from my network that extended to around the world. More people and companies contributed and came on board so that I am now offering programming, robotics, 3D design and tutoring! Techmobeel to the rescue!!



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