Day 6: Cool Things About My Newest Course

I set up a programming and 3D design course at my son’s junior high in Charlottetown.  I hired an instructor from UPEI to teach it for the first part and the latter part is being taught by a good friend of mine, Tom Haan, who is an inventor and mechanical engineer technologist.  He owns a $30,ooo 3D printer.  We had our first class yesterday and the kids LOVED it!

1. Twelve kids showed up, ten boys, two girls.

2. One little girl came that I wasn’t expecting with a big smile, her $40 and sat right up front.

3. The instructor, Chris Vessey, demonstrated using “pukey kid” and “kitty cat”, recording himself making a puking noise so that whenever Pukey Kid ran into Kitty Cat, he mad the puking noise. The kids were enthralled (engagement level: HIGH).

4. Chris brought a UPEI computer science student named Fatemah to help. She is lovely and will be instructing as well.

5. We decided that the school computers were not reliable enough so kids brought their own and I brought mine. Six students used my laptops. I spend the afternoon collecting laptops from parents, picking them up and transporting mine in a suitcase.  Indeed, a true mobile computer lab, except the mobile part happens to be my falling apart, 10 year old Saab.

6. When I was collecting them, I asked each student individually if they had computers at home. The girl with the big smile was the only one that said that no, so I gave her the one that she was working on, on loan.

Three more students are coming tomorrow so we will have a total of 15 kids, ages 10 – 15 learning how to program and design using technology.  Wow… sometimes I can’t believe that this is actually happening!



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