Day 5: A Favorite Student

I held a technology camp last week in Stratford for ages 8 – 11.  Programming, robotics, 3D design, etc.  There was one student that was a real joy and here are five reasons why:

1. This little 9 year old walks into the classroom on the first day with a briefcase, pulls out his laptop and wireless mouse, gets set up and asks “Okay, what are we doing?”

2. It was a terrible week for weather and the last day was cancelled so I had to call his house and he picked up the phone.  I said that I was sorry that class was cancelled again that day and he said “WHAT? Are you serious?  TWO snow days this week? THAT SUCKS” and yes, the capital letters denote yelling.  So, I asked if he could come to a make-up class on Sunday and he said yes. I asked if he could check with his parents.

3. We had an expert autocad computer engineer come in and this little fella asked if he could build a fire-breathing-man-eating-dragon-robot.

4. He told me he was hungry and could he have some cheese.  He loved cheese.  So I went to the store and brought back some cheese for him.

5. I had said we may have a design contest if anyone was interested but with two storm days, the last day was cancelled so we didn’t. He showed up on Sunday with an intricate 3D village which he had been working on all week.  I asked if it was a template and he swore it wasn’t… so he won the contest.


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