Day 4 – Innovation

1999 – started my first business, an online golf travel agency. Not much more than a static website (which cost $5,000), it was my first foray into internet marketing, google advertising and search engine optimization.

2007 – joined Facebook, started a blog and got business cards designed and printed with “social media strategist” on them (a lot of “say what??”‘s). Was asked by ProfitLearn and the BDC to deliver workshops on social media.

2010 – traveled to Indonesia to visit my big brother and saw all of the technology that he had in his classroom. Came  home, developed a technology program for elementary school kids and delivered it, and again the next year which lead to…

2013 – launched “Techmobeel”, a mobile learning lab with 12 laptops and a Lego robotics kit, crowdfunded through Indiegogo.  Branched into Ottawa, delivering social media training program to the 50th company.

Self-employment… the road less traveled 🙂


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