Good Tidings to You!

I have been on the road a lot in the past month but have had the good fortune to spend the majority of time with loved ones over the holidays which was a real blessing.  It was one of the best holiday seasons of recent memory.

A lot of driving can give the opportunity of reflection and with that a few things stood out in 2012 to me that I consider worth sharing regarding my business:

– I expanded into Ottawa and the majority of my business is located there but I’m able to do the majority of work virtually;

October 2012

October 2012

– a highlight was presenting a two-hour workshop to the Atlantic Judges Education Conference in October regarding the relevancy of social media in 2012. Some of the feedback pictured on the right;

– having the 40th company go through my training program on social media for professional use;

– launching a non-profit organization called the Techmobeel, a mobile training lab bringing educational technology to children and communities.

– received close to $10,000 in sponsorships from around the world in a 16 day campaign;

And many personal accomplishments including raising two healthy, happy, awesome boys aged 10 and 13.

Some of my goals for this New Year:

– to be more constructive and efficient with my time spent on the internet and computer;

– live more efficiently and leave less of a footprint;

– gain more global awareness;

– read more;

– get a hybrid vehicle for my 21st Century Social Business. My Saab just ain’t gonna cut

Hope to address the Techmobeel's mobile issue soon.

Hope to address the Techmobeel’s mobile issue soon.


and to practice more yoga.

I wish you a wonderful year filled with good health and good fortune.

Namaste, Maureen


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