Getting Techmobeel Mobile

November greetings to you!
As you probably know, I’ve been working on getting educational technology into the hands of students on PEI for the past 2+ years: advocating for better access in schools, developing two successful pilot projects, speaking to teachers and in general, just trying to share as much info as possible about educational sites and online tools.
I’ve put together an Indegogo campaign to try and raise some money to buy 16 laptops to become a mobile computer lab so that I can take afterschool technology programs on the road!  My goal is to get Island students excited about learning by using what they are familiar with: computers and the internet.  I need both to make this happen… laptops and wireless.
I know money is tight for a lot of people right now but I was wondering if you could possibly help by sharing this campaign with any people in your network that you think might be willing to contribute.  It will pay in dividends… the children of PEI will surely benefit in the long run.
So, any sponsorship, any advice you have, any contacts for me to talk to, sharing this link and a plug on Facebook or Twitter (maybe a couple of times over the next couple of weeks)… whatever you can do, I would greatly appreciate!  I will most certainly return the favor should you ever need it!
Here’s the link:
Many thanks,

Maureen Kerr
Social Media and Technology Trainer



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