The Global One-Room Schoolhouse: John Seely Brown

People in my father’s generation and their parents can recall the one room school house. Where the teacher was a guide to a group of children, all different ages, and they all learned together and taught each other.

Imagine that scaled.  That’s part of a lecture recently given by The Global One-Room Schoolhouse: John Seely Brown (Highlights from his “Entrepreneurial Learner” Keynote at DML2012)

The change that is going on right now is rapid, the shift that we are seeing in education is amazing with global learning being more accessible than ever before.  All through technology and the dissemination of information.

How this shift, in the proper environment, can engage and excite children with learning that is facilitated through technology.  I want to give that to my children.  I’ve seen it happen and it’s a beautiful thing.

I watched it happen in a classroom in Jakarta, Indonesia where my brother was teaching 18 little grade 3 students with laptops, flip video cameras, smart boards and autocad.   Learning was fun and exciting.  It was to me, especially. I’ve been having a ball teaching myself technology!

The Hole in the Wall experiments that were done in India by Dr. Sigata Mitra displayed the fascinating results of introducing a computer screen and a mouse to children living in the slums and abject poverty and watching how they delved into learning, accessing information that became so easily shared and taught to each other (again, I see a parallel to the one room school house).

I saw it when I taught my afterschool technology program, how one student (between


peer-to-peer learning

the ages of 8 & 11) would call a bunch of the other kids over to look at his screen and he or she would show the others what they just did. The others would then go back to their computers and have “learned” something.

Would that have been something that went on in a one-room schoolhouse a century ago?  Quite possibly.  Please help us share some of the courses we are offering through the Techmobeel, a mobile learning lab.  We will be announcing them soon!


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