Encouraging Support

I did an interview with a technology writer from San Diego this weekend and he sent

me a lovely note afterwards, along with links to great information.

Hello, Maureen

Yes, it was great (inspiring, really) to talk with you this morning, too.

I’ve been doing research on 3D printing in US schools for about a month now.

In that time, I’ve met many parents who work to get better technology introduced in their children’s schools, and some who jump in to help teach classes or after-school programs,  You’re the first person I’ve encountered, though, who has taken on the entire job of starting a technology learning opportunity from scratch.  I’m awed by the scope of the task and by the tenacity it must take to see it through without external resources.

As a parent myself, I’m familiar with the demands of helping out at school and how some parents always seem to be more dedicated than others.  Taking the initiative as you have in a small community, however, is pretty exceptional. And trying to tie the physical, financial, and curriculum resources all together is heroic.

Based on what I’ve found in my research, you’re charting new education territory. In the years ahead, I’m sure that a lot of PEI graduates will thank you for what you’ve done.

I’ll get back in touch with you after I’ve put some notes together, and I’ll follow up with whatever support resources I uncover.  In the meantime, however, you might want to check these links:

Thanks again!


Steve Murray Ink


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