Summer Update

I’ve been working with clients in Ottawa over the summer which has been fun to spend some time in that beautiful city.

My brother is in the military and has just moved there.  I had the honor of meeting the Admiral of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Commodore of the East Coast Navy and the CDS (Cheif of Defence Staff), General Walter Natynczyk.  All of the brass was a bit bedazzling but not unfamiliar as my dad was a colonel in the Air Force but started out as a naval Sea King pilot (when they were brand spanking new) and he was actually on the HMCS Algonquin which is the ship my brother was captain of until recently.  I have to say that the strong sense of fellowship I saw caused  me to respect their loyalty to the Canadian Forces even more.

I’m offering a group training program in September.  With my clients I’m finishing up with in August, I will have put through over 40 organizations through an introduction to social media for business including the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, the Merchantman Pub, the town of Stratford, and Career Development Services.

My project is coming along and I’m working on procurement right now and the business model of a mobile learning lab.

I’m heading out tomorrow to live tweet on a PEI lobster fishing charter boat tomorrow.  The real deal, with Captain Mark Jenkins.

I really enjoy what I do.  Hire me and you’ll like what I do, too, or your money back guaranteed.



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