Fall training available

My group social media training program will start again in the fall.  I have delivered this program to over 40 organizations in the past year and a half.

Feel free to contact me: maureen@yourmarketingmavens.com for more information or read about it by clicking here.

If you know of any businesses who could use help with their marketing, please send them to this course!  Group program costs $1000 and one-on-one is $2000.  I offer a money back guarantee.

Interested in what others have said about it?  Click here or go to my LinkedIn profile and read the recommendations there.  Then connect with me there 🙂

I help organizations learn how to network with social media, how to develop content and disseminate it, thus more effectively marketing than ever before.  You just need to learn about the tools and their capabilities.

You can take my training either:

– one-on-one; or

– the group training in the fall.

Participate either in person or virtually.

Send your staff but I highly recommend that if you are a business owner, that you take the initial workshop which offers a baseline understanding and core information about doing business with social media.

A couple of my last clients, the Merchantman Pub and the Stanley Bridge Resort, (who  incidentally both are doing an excellent job with their tweeting & Facebook) had very positive things to say about the course here.

Recent and current clients include: organic farmer Raymond Loo of Springwillow Farms, the 5 Star Edenhurst Historic Inn in Charlottetown, Top Notch Lobster and Tuna Charters.  Rossignol Winery in Little Sands, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Network in Ottawa.


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