#EpicFail Bell Aliant

I called *611 after I received a notice in the mail saying that I my account was overdue with Bell.

I had been away and was surprised as in the past if I was ever overdue with a payment I would receive a phone call or text and promptly pay it. AND, I always received my bills by email.

I spoke to a woman, customer service representative #1 who said that I had to pay in full in five days or my service would be cut off: cell, home phone and internet.

I asked if I could make a payment this week and another next week. She said no, that my account was new (I’ve been with Bell mobility for 7+ years) and there had never been a payment so therefore no payment plan and my service would be cut off if I didn’t pay immediately.

I was quite sure I had made a payment (sure enough my records indicate that I did make a $100 payment in April).

I explained that I thought there were some discrepencies on my bill. She transferred over to someone else.

I explained the situation with customer service representative  #2 who after five minutes said she couldn’t access my bill so she transferred me to customer service representative  #3.

Customer service representative  #3was most helpful and immediately questioned if I had signed up for a platinum voicemail package at an extra charge that sent voicemails to my computer. I did not and never used such a service so he immediately adjusted that.  We discovered that I had been overcharged $30/month for three months for a promotion that I had signed up for and was never given and he adjusted that.  We discovered a $288 charge for social networking and he asked me to hold for a minute.

Customer service representative #4 immediately came on the line and asked why I was calling and who I wanted to speak to. I was completely flabbergasted and frustrated at this point as on my phone it said 39 minutes. I asked to speak to the man I was just speaking with. She said she could see the adjustments to my bill but had no idea who I was speaking with and couldn’t put me in back on the phone with him which I found totally unbelievable considering they are a massive telecommunications company. She put me over to customer service representative #5 in Mobility who said that she would never have gone with a bundle because of how convoluted it was and explained to me that Bell Mobility and Bell Aliant are two separate companies.  She sent me to customer service representative #6.

Customer service representative #6, the poor man, got the brunt of it.  I asked him how I went about filing a complaint.  He gave me a mailing address and a fax number and told me to title it accordingly:

executive complaint 1-877-666-0196

office of the manager
care of escalation

I asked why I couldn’t phone or email my complaint and he said because they were “busy”. (Just for the record my 12 yo upon hearing this didn’t know what a fax was).

At this point, after 45 minutes of the worst customer service I have ever received in my entire lifeI got off the phone without having a satisfactory resolution to the hundreds of dollars errantly charged to my bill and with Bell Aliant cutting off my service in a week.

I mentioned the experience to my 1600+ followers on Twitter, my 1500 connections on LinkedIn and 500+ friends on Facebook.  The feedback was quite interesting and still rolling in.  @Bell_Aliant tweeted me and asked if they could help.  I believe they are a client of Radian6 and am awaiting their phone call.

I’ll be interested to see how this unfolds.  I shouldn’t have let it upset me so much but it truly was the most unbelievably horrible customer experience I’ve ever had. Thank-you Bell Aliant. Or Bell Mobility. Whoever the hell you are.


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