Living the Life in Lebreton Flats

I’m sitting in my friend’s house on the fourth floor watching a huge tv, which in itself is a great novelty as I haven’t had cable or bought a new tv in 10+ years. The leather couches, contemporary artwork and the beautiful, green Ottawa city skyline make my little suitcase from PEI seem pretty tiny in the corner, in a Bright Lights Big City type of way…. It’s no Toronto or Miami, but it might as well be to me. I hail from a town of 8,000 people in Canada’s smallest province, PEI.

My yoga mat is on the floor and I am looking forward to going to Moksha hot yoga, a five minute walk away.

There are 50+ Asian and Italian restaurants, cafes and grocers within a 2 km radius. I’ve frequented a few. Downtown Ottawa, the Capital of Canada.

Architecturally, the house I’m staying in was quite a feat to build. The owners moved in this past September. It was recently featured as one of Ottawa Magazine’s “Homes We Love”. Marc and his girlfriend, Amanda, designed the interior fabulously and flawlessly, as well as quite functionally. I can’t say enough about it as I know the effort that was put into the build; the tape-cutting and laborious detail has parlayed into a four-story million+ valued home in the heart of the city but across from a sprawling Theology school, the last house on a dead end street. You wouldn’t believe how quiet it is on this street.

I walked through Little Italy last night and was wishing I was going to the upcoming Ferrari festival here next weekend. My Saab fits in nicely although I haven’t moved it from the time I drove in this past Wednesday. I’ve walked so much my legs are sore.

The house is for sale. For details:




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