A few more testimonials…

“Maureen’s social media training for businesses was eye-opening. She helped us to realize the potential of social media for promoting our services and our clients’ projects, and taught us tools and strategies for easily managing the volume of social media communications. I highly recommend her course to businesses wading into the world of social media for the first time!”

– Kirsten McKnight, Consultant and Community Manager, The Quaich Inc.

902-894-3399 | 506-454-3809

www.thequaich.pe.ca | kirsten@thequaich.pe.ca

www.twitter.com/TheQuaich | www.facebook.com/TheQuaichInc

Canadian distributors of the Circle of Health


I had the pleasure to attend one of Maureen’s social media boot camps and the rewards have been great. The skills and knowledge the course gave me have increased my skill set and made me more “employable”. I was able to add to my resume and expand my job search. Maureen was a friendly and approachable instructor and I would recommend her training to anyone looking to pick up new skills or get involved in social media marketing.

Aaron Hansen

Junior Project Manager

Charlottetown Area Development Corporation

P.O. Box 786, 4 Pownal Street

Charlottetown, P.E.I. C1A 7L9

Bus: (902) 892-5341

Direct: (902) 620-0275

Fax: (902) 368-1935


Maureen helped me to expand my social media base, allowing the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group to ‘join the 21st century’ with ease and confidence. It was a pleasure to take her course, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Kelley Arnold





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