Tweet Like Nobody’s Business Workshop

Attention: there are 1000+ people on PEI that are networking on Twitter (including all media and many politicians). You should pay attention to this because a good number of these “tweeters” are very good at sharing things. They’re good at connecting people, networking, promoting community, and supporting others.  How can this affect you?

Read further to find out.

I was talking to my friend who is married to the owner and CEO of a prominent, successful business on PEI and I told her I just started following her husband on Twitter. She laughed and said, “I told him that Twitter is the silliest thing in the world and I can’t believe he’s wasting his time on it”.

Really? I was incredulous and began describing the benefits and how amazing it is. And it got me thinking… time to do another workshop and educate all of the people NOT on Twitter, or who are NEW to Twitter, on how to “Tweet Like Nobody’s Business”!!

So if you, like my friend, are still not convinced that Twitter is an awesome marketing tool, then here are a few benefits to consider:

– join in conversations within your industry, with your target market, future clients, past clients;
– promote your business, product or service… if you’re having as sale or cool new “widget”;
– build your brand… links to your website, have your logo on your profile;
– get feedback or support from your community;
– make new connections;
– support people on Twitter in your community, industry, etc.;
– get ranked higher in search engines through your tweets and profile;
– and many more which I will discuss in my workshop!

Here’s who should attend “Tweet Like Nobody’s Business”:

– if you’re new to Twitter
– if you’re not yet on Twitter but want to be
– if you’re starting a business
– if you have information to share
– if you want to position yourself as an expert in what you do
– if you’re a non-profit looking for engagement
– if you are on Twitter but not using it properly or not seeing the potential in it.

It’s a two hour workshop and it’s hands on so bring your laptop. It’s a great networking opportunity so bring your business cards.

Register by clicking here and filling out a short form to secure your seat.

Oh, and if you’re on the fence then check out some of these testimonials from recent participants of my social media workshops.

Lastly, here’s a little video by my friend, Heather Wilson, a life coach and HUGE fan of Twitter!


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