Social Media Training Testimonials

Maureen Kerr's Social Media Training Students

“Our company needed direction on which of the many forms of social media to pursue.Maureen did an amazing job at recommending and explaining the benefits of LinkedIn; a program up until that day I gave little to no consideration. Maureen was able to show me what potential LinkedIn has for our business and how to start taking advantage of LinkedIn to its full potential.” – Matthew Drover, manager at Top Dog Manufacturing

“Your workshops helped get me over the fear of the unknown and the confidence to actually use these tools.” — Beryl Wood, Life Coach

“Simply outstanding. The best eye opener course I have attended. Thanks, Maureen.” — Dwayne Bryanton, manager of Linkletter Manufacturing

“Maureen: great skill base to present this series of social media workshops. So pleased to have had the awesome opportunity unlocked.” — Stephen Hurst, owner Top Dog Manufacturing

Maureen Kerr did an amazing job facilitating the Social Media Workshop! After taking the workshop I realize now more than ever the importance of properly using social media tools to expand the success of your business. Maureen explained all the different ways social media can help your business. Thank you Maureen for an excellent Work Shop!


Evan Patkai


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