Social Media Training Program Testimonials

Testimonials from the Heads Up and Hands On Social Media Program
Transcribed verbatim from 8 participants

I’ve been having a great deal of fun with the social media family that we’ve created here with our group. And thanks to Maureen it has been a great opportunity to learn about social media and through it’s different arenas like video, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, Facebook, etc. There’s so much out there. The only thing I regret is not having enough time in my personal life to spend more time on it. I think it gave me a good head start on how to get curious about it, not be scared about it and get excited about it. Thanks Maureen!

I’m very excited about it and want to thank the bdc, maureen, marg and
everyone that’s here for this opportunity.
I felt like it’s the first day of the rest of my life. I say that in that context
because now I can see how the world has opened up again as open as it
is prior to this and as much as we’ve advanced I’m sure these are the tools
we need for the future and our destiny will be decided by how much and
how well we use them so I think that it’s possible.
This is where people should be who have the most skills because it can
broaden them. I see that in myself if there’s another session like this I will
send the people that work with me that have the most talent should be
here. My marketing manager, my office staff the people I rely on who do
the daily activities. The people who make things tick… they’re the ones
who should be here. They should understand the importance of it.

I think it was fantastic. The way the workshops were presented and laid
out was great and by exposing all the different types of social media out
there and understand what they are. Being able to do the hands on while
we’re here, practice it and get the support and getting to do it together. I’ve
really appreciated it.

I like the format of the training and the way it was set up. The different
workshops and the time in between allowed us to practice.. I found
everything really interesting.

Very informative and really opened my eyes to the impact of social media
and youtube for business. I am very thankful.

This whole experience was great. I had an idea of a lot of the tolls coming
into this workshop but the way you portrayed it and explained it to us and
how to take it to the next level from personal/pleasure to promoting your
business and marketing your products was excellent. You showed us the
ins and outs to do all of that. It really opened my eyes and has been a
great experience.

It’s been a good experience. I think every company should go through
this. It exposes them to an are where all of us a re a little shaky,
uninformed. It’s opened my eyes to opportunities and how to exploit one’s

I’m kinda from the same generation (as a number of people in the group)
whereby a lot of this is new but I have a better understanding. I have to
find the time to play with it.> It’s the way of the future of marketing your
product or service.


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