Education Technology Testimonials

The after school technology program was awesome for our daughter. It will definitely be a great asset as she progresses to Junior High next year. Maureen is engaging and leading edge in today’s technology world!

Bernadette Milner, mom

Ms. Kerr is a passionate proponent on bringing 21st century technology skills to students.  She shared her passion and knowledge with Stratford Elementary school as a member of our Home and School and facilitator of a successful after school technology program for students.  Ms. Kerr readily shared he knowledge with school administration as they embarked upon learning how to effectively use social media to communicate with staff, parents and beyond.


Derek McEwen
Stratford Elementary School

My son came home excited about what he was learning. He instantly went to the computer and showed me what he had learned. I was impressed with his new skills and the fact that he could learn to use these tools so fast. He is now using these new skills and tools daily and having fun doing so. Thank you Maureen for exposing our children to new tools that will help them today and in their futures.

Heather Wilson, mom


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