Blogging 101 Workshop

I’ve been putting on workshops, mainly introductory workshops, for groups of people and the feedback I have been getting is “WE WANT MORE”… Many people immediately start asking how to start blogging and are very curious about how to use a blog as their website and so I am offering a workshop next week to answer all of those questions.

Bring your laptop, content (logo, pictures, text, description of your product/service, etc.) and by the end of it you’ll be well on your way.

There will be a number of people attending who plan on bringing in the content that they intended for their websites but instead, using a blog as their website.  Please visit my client’s blog (website) as an example:

Contact me if you have any questions.  388-1800 or email.

Blogging 101 – A blog is a Web site that functions as a journal, or a place to post your thoughts and opinions pertaining to a particular subject matter. Many clients use it as a content management system because in addition to text entries, a blog may contain pictures, video, and/or audio clips. This workshop will explain the difference between various kinds of blogs, introduce you to some hosting solutions, and show you how to setup your own blog using WordPress.

What you will learn:

  • How to set up a blog
  • Ways to promote a blog
  • How to use pictures, videos, and text in blogs
  • How to network to drive traffic to your blog
  • Examples of other successful bloggers

DATE:  Friday May 21st, 9:00 a.m. – noon

LOCATION:  Century 21 Boardroom, St Peter’s Road (beside Pontiac dealership)

FACILITATOR: Maureen Kerr, Kerr Consulting

TO REGISTER: Please contact 388-1800 or

Email: Maureen (at)

Maureen Kerr is a passionate marketing & social media strategist, on a mission to help businesses and non- profit organizations maximize marketing and social media to share their message. Since 1999 Maureen has used the internet, and more recently, social media, to effectively market her businesses. She is a consultant for the BDC, facilitator for ProfitLearn PEI and has recently led the development of websites, marketing strategies and blogs for numerous clients throughout Prince Edward Island, and works “virtually” for clients in Canada.


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