Why Social Media Training is so Important

Since I’ve developed the Heads Up, Hands On social media training program for professionals, I’ve worked with 32 different companies.  One of the reasons this is very exciting for me is because it means that I’ve had the opportunity to get inside 32 different businesses and see how they work, tour their facilities, learn about their projects, their passions, their expertise and being a business geek, this truly is a thrill.

How to parlay this onto online is key.  How a company can transcend real life to online and share what’s going on within their own little “universe”… because there is so much! There are so many businesses on PEI that are contributing to our communities, under the radar and in a very altruistic and humble way.  They aren’t sending out press releases that they’re donating $30,000 for Toys for Tots, or just made a significant contribution to the Children’s Wish Foundation but I’m trying to tell them that these can be things to share through social media. That people want to do business with companies who contribute to their communities.

Training the person responsible for marketing in how to use social media is integral nowadays. A new name for someone with these responsibilities is a community manager.  The definition of a community manager from Wikipedia is:  The online community manager role is a growing and developing profession. People in this position are working to build, grow and manage communities around a brand or cause.

And the loose definition for social media is: conversations going on around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So, if you have someone in your company, or you yourself, who is having conversations about your company, your brand and is networking, building relationship, making connections and sharing valuable information… then it will pay off.

People will start seeing what you’re all about and will start paying attention. They will value what you say, the information you share. They will appreciate your support and will recipricate.  They will share your information. They will recommend your products, your services and your business because you have built trust and credibility.

You have someone who has been working at your company for 15, 20 or 30 years?  That in itself is worth sharing and talking about.  Have your community manager sit down with that person and get some good tidbits about the company and blog about it, tweet about it or post a picture on Facebook. Better yet, grab your iPhone and video it and put it on the company YouTube channel.

My training program takes a newbie or someone who is well versed with social media and introduces them to all the tools to be used for a business.  Then I work one-on-one with the new community manager to implement the social media marketing strategy.

It’s worth it’s weight in gold.  Contact me today to get enrolled into the Heads Up, Hands On social media training program and discover what it’s all about and how it can pay off for your business.


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