7 Benefits of LinkedIn (even on a small island!)

Maureen Kerr Social Media Training PEI

Maureen Kerr Social Media Training PEI

As per @boydjane‘s tweet requesting blog posts for the hashtag #1to31, I thought I’d do a post earlier rather than later in the month. Read Jane’s blog post on 6 Reasons why #1to21 will help your blog. I had been meaning to write a post about how beneficial LinkedIn has been to me lately so this was a good excuse.

Here we go:

1. LinkedIn is easy to keep up to date as an online resume, a portfolio of sorts. It has my work experience, the projects I’m working on, as well as very valuable recommendations from many people from over the years.

2. LinkedIn is easy to update by linking my Tweetdeck to it so if I choose to write a post that I think that my “business network” as opposed to social network, such as Facebook, might be interested in then I just check the box on my post and it goes to LinkedIn as well. This shows up in my connections feeds and shares my business updates with my LinkedIn network.

3. LinkedIn syncs with my blog so that anytime I do a blog post, it automatically updates my LinkedIn profile. Having my blog on my LinkedIn profile also gives someone an chance to check out my recent posts which are usually recent testimonials or business programs and workshops I’m putting on. All good for business.

4. I have my Slideshare account synced with LinkedIn also so that anytime I upload a Powerpoint presentation to Slideshare, it can also be viewed on LinkedIn. This, again, makes my LinkedIn profile more so of a portfolio with samples of my work and what I do.

5. LinkedIn kicks a$$ for search engine optimization.  Underneath my name on my LinkedIn profile, Maureen Kerr, says social media training and coaching and underneath that says, PEI so therefore in the search engines I come up very high if you search for social media training PEI. LinkedIn also asked you for keywords to describe your skills which are then used for SEO as well. So, ladies and gentlemen, always be thinking of what keywords you want to come up for in the search engines. I work diligently with my clients on this.

6. Just as there is with all social networking sites, LinkedIn has a very powerful search function that can be an excellent resource for researching.  If you want to find out about a company that you’re interested in applying to or pitching a project to, search to see if there are employees on LinkedIn. I did this recently and found 5 employees with descriptions of their roles, how long they had worked for which gave me great insight into the company. You can also search for similar jobs to yours for competitive analysis.

7. LinkedIn has been extremely effective for me for networking.  Recently I sent a note to a number of connections whom I hadn’t met before and I told them I had heard and read great things about their company as well as what I was up to recently and would they like to meet sometime?  Sure enough I had three meetings with three very prominent, successful business owners with very promising outcomes. They were enthusiastic to connect as they had been reading all about my business endeavors over the past few years on LinkedIn.

There you have it.  7 reasons why you should get on LinkedIn and update your profile.  Better yet, give me a call (902-388-1800) or email (maureen@yourmarketingmavens.com) and I’ll tell you when my next workshop is on how to use LinkedIn.  I also do one-on-one training which the PEI government offers 50% funding for.  It’s an excellent investment into your business success.

“Our company needed direction on which of the many forms of social media to pursue. Maureen did an amazing job at recommending and explaining the benefits of LinkedIn; a program up until that day I gave little to no consideration. Maureen was able to show me what potential LinkedIn has for our business and how to start taking advantage of LinkedIn to its full potential.” – Matthew Drover


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