3D Printing Contest for Afterschool Technology Program

After introducing Google SketchUp to the kids in the afterschool technology program at Stratford Elementary last week, there was a lot of excitement.  From my perspective, as the instructor, it was really interesting to see how all of the kids grasped the concept of designing 3d objects using an architectural autocad software design program.

The students were enthralled at the possibility of a printing machine that could print off their designs but even more so, when the word “contest” was put forth there were definite competitive natures that became evident.

Yesterday, Tom Haan of Dundas Designs came into the class. He owns a 3D printer and brought a few samples of things that he had printed off.  He spoke to the kids about how lucky they were to get their hands on a program that could help them design things in 3D.  Back in his “day”, they had pen and paper, maybe some modeling clay.

Tom Haan showing 3D printer capabilities

Tom Haan showing 3D printer capabilities

Hard to imagine what these kids will be saying about back in “their day” and using Google Sketchup!
Tom took them through the basics of designing using autocad and then showed them a video of 3D printing.  THEN.. the contest rules were laid out.  The kids spent the rest of the class working on their designs.  Houses, cars, animals, abstract designs… it’s going to be hard to agree on “the best”.  The winner will have their design printed off.


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